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Rana I love you and i am crazy about you, my love to you is greater than any love I have given or experienced in my life, it kills me to have missed much of your life, it kills me that I wasn’t there to celebrate your birthdays,  It kills me that I cannot get back all that time that was wasted with you away from me.  I want to be there for you when you’re sick, stressed, troubled and needed me the most. i cannot change the past but can the present and future. i want to always be there for you in your highs and lows, i want to show you how truly special you are to me as a best friend, lover, partner, future mother inshallah and a wifey.  I have no true happiness without you, i have no true passion without you, and my breaths are wasted when I’m not around you.  I’m really not good with words but for you i will write book, I’m not a romantic but for you I’ll become Romeo. 


Those past days I didn’t get the happinesses that i get when I’m with you or talking to you, i feel something is missing, like an addict missing his drug, i know there are certain things that give a person short term happiness but with you i have all the happiness i need for life. i need my happiness, i need my sun, i need my rana.  I love you Ranoonty I will always be just yours .


My biggest fear is the fear of losing you, the fear of not able to show you how happy, satified and proud i hope to make you!!  



Rana You are my happiest place, my best friend and my home, would any sane mature man want to lose that?? So i hope you would understand that if I’ve had the slightest doubt about where my future and present lies I would not be doing this.  I hope you are able and willingly give me the chance to show you the man i am and how my heart and thoughts belongs-to you, it belongs to you and the future that we want to build, i used to talk about our future much but i did begin to sound like a fairytale, i want to have a fairytale of a life with you but this is much more serious than that!!


 i will always have your back to the ends of earth and oceans as long as i still have a breath in my body but the soul will always be yours breathless or not